• The efficient, resilient, and affordable path to NET ZERO.

Passive Building for Building Professionals

Passive building leverages the economies of scale in multifamily and commercial construction for extreme energy efficiency at extremely reasonable cost. Many experienced teams report premiums of 2%

That 2% can buy you tremendous savings and NOI down the road.

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The PHIUS+ Standard is the Best Route to Net Zero

The PHIUS+ Passive Building Standard ignited tremendous growth in passive building from coast to coast. The most significant gains are in commercial and in multifamily housing. PHIUS+ Certified and Pre-Certified projects now total more than 1 million square feet across 1,200 units nationwide.

PHIUS+ represents the sweet spot where aggressive carbon and energy reduction overlap with cost-effectiveness because the WUFI® Passive modeling tool is the most potent passive building-modeling tool available. Developed by Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in collaboration with PHIUS and Owens Corning, WUFI Passive is a user-friendly software uniquely suited to North America's varying climate zones.

Passive Projects

A waste management company that leads by example

This project leads the way in demonstrating super-insulation, high efficiency mechanical and lighting systems, low...

Extreme energy savings fuel a higher standard of care

When it was time to build a new administration building at Sunshine Health Facilities, the construction choice...

Are you Ready for PHIUS+?

To help decide if PHIUS+ is a worthwhile pursuit, request a feasibility study and learn what it will take to bring your building design to PHIUS+ certification.

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  • "Every day I find a new reason to love it. It's cool, it's quiet, and I don't even hear the train. During the heat wave, my girlfriend came over to sleep because it was so cool."

    George Hamlin, Orchards at Orenco Resident
  • "You know this Passive House design business... you know what it really means to these families that are going to live in these buildings? It means they will pay almost nothing for utilities! That is what it means to these people!"

    Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, Weinberg Commons
  • "...We were able to deliver these buildings without additional cost, and [that] was a big goal for us."

    Chris Benedict, Architect, Knickerbocker Commons