A Feasibility Study Can Lay a Base for PHIUS+ Certification

A snapshot of where your design is, and how to get it out of the ground

To help decide if PHIUS+ is a worthwhile pursuit doing, you can request a relatively low-cost feasibility study to learn what it will take to bring the building to the PHIUS+ 2015 standard. The cost varies based on the building type and size, but basically, it's a quick preliminary energy model using the design you already have to determine the R-values needed for the envelope and windows.

The more information that we have about a project, the more accurate the energy model will be. The needed documentation includes:

  • Preliminary Drawing Set (floor plans, elevations, sections, etc.)
  • A 3D Massing Model (if applicable- Revit ('15), SketchUp ('16), 3D AutoCAD ('15)) to speed up the geometry import into WUFI® Passive
  • Preliminary Site Photos/Location to assess potential summer/winter shading
  • Mechanical Narrative (if possible)
  • Additional information such as occupancy/use schedules, planned equipment, etc.


What Does a Feasibility Study Include?

Feasibility studies are a quick guess at the building systems you'd need to meet our standard using a lot of assumptions and defaults, but it is very informative early in the game. The report includes:

  • WUFI® Passive report estimating preliminary annual energy use
  • Target building-envelope performance values to meet PHIUS+ 2015 standards
  • WUFI® Passive energy model
  • Energy use comparison vs. code (optional)

This study also helps the project team to begin thinking about incorporating passive building standards into their project early on.

We complete the model during the project's design phase for developers, architects, or others who are interested in PHIUS+ Certification.

The fundamental energy model, created by PHIUS, can be used by the project team as a stepping stone once PHIUS+ Certification is a project goal. If you are a CPHC professional (Certified Passive House Consultant) who has not used WUFI® Passive, this is an excellent opportunity to work on, and learn from, an existing energy model.

Many government, funding, and granting agencies require documentation that a project can meet the PHIUS+ standards. A PHIUS+ feasibility study is the perfect preliminary energy model to meet these requirements.


I want a Feasibility Study! Where Do I Start?

  1. Fill out the Feasibility Study registration below
  2. Upon successful completion of registration, the Feasibility Study request form will be emailed to the registrant
  3. Fill out the Feasibility Study request form
  4. PHIUS will then reach out regarding next steps

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